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Drop-In Centers Make Health Services Safe & Accessible to Sex Workers in Malawi

Drop-in-centers (DICs) are stigma-free spaces where female sex workers (FSWs) can access basic health care services; HIV counseling and testing; STI screening and treatment; family planning information; and some contraceptive methods, including condoms, oral contraceptives, DeproProvera, and implants. Just as importantly, the centers also offer a safe place for FSWs to gather, socialize, and receive…
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Reconnecting Sex Workers in Malawi

LILONGWE, Malawi – “We were harassed, sexually abused and arrested for being in clubs and bottle stores. We would be taken to (the) police and then to court to pay a fine. Eventually, this was common.” These are the words of Ndaziona Kamisa, a 23-year-old sex worker hailing from Chitipa district, more than seven hundred…
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