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Who We Are

About PakacherePakachere Institute of Health and Development Communication is Local Health Communication and Development NGO that specialises in Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC). Pakachere IHDC is dedicated to improving the health of Malawians especially the vulnerable by focusing on serious health, social and development challenges that include sexual and reproductive health and rights, HIV and AIDS, Nutrition, WASH, Disaster Risk Management, and non-communicable diseases, gender and gender based violence.

Our trademark is a commitment to the principle that health services and products are most effective when they are accompanied by robust communications and distribution efforts that help ensure wide acceptance and proper use combined with community capacity to demand the services while holding those in authority accountable.

Pakachere IHDC also offers capacity development in effective SBCC implementation, organizational development for new NGOs as well as development of strategic documents for organizations.
Pakachere IHDC works in partnership with local governments, ministries of health, education and other local organizations to create sustainable enabling environments for improved health and wellbeing.


Pakachere IHDC was founded in 2002 as a communications project of PSI/Malawi under the Soul City regional health communication project. The aim of the regional programme was to establish health communication NGOs in 9 southern African countries that should have the capacity and ability to implement effective SBCC interventions.

Through the capacity development process, Pakachere delinked from PSI/Malawi and became an independent local health communication NGO in 2008. Since then, Pakachere has been instrumental in the design and implementation of major campaigns such as the Onelove campaign and establishment of the first ever Alliance for Female Sex Wokers in Malawi.

Health Impact

Pakachere IHDC has an uncompromising focus on health impact. Being a health communication NGO, it has supported national efforts to increase awareness and shift attitudes and norms across various health and development issues. It has developed and produced effective communication materials both print and electronic that has been widely accessed across the country. It has a reach of over 98% of the population through print and mass media.

Pakachere Brand

Pakachere has established itself as one of the leading health and development communication brand through its creative print and mass media projects. It has been pacesetter of most of the contemporary radio and TV programming through its ability to break cultural barriers through open communication.

Program Location

Pakachere IHDC is housed in Delamere House, 4th Floor, Victoria Avenue, Blantyre. It however has projects in 9 districts but has a national reach through its mass media programming.


It has a workforce of more than 35 people. Pakachere staff are 100% local but offers an opportunity for non-Malawians to work with us provided they bring value to our work. Pakachere also work with interns on a voluntary basis as a way of inducting them to the professional world of SBCC and expose them to various work environments.

Our Mission Statement

Pakachere’s mission is to empower all Malawians, particularly the vulnerable, to choose and sustain healthy behaviours, through evidence-based health and development communication, social mobilisation and advocacy.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is that of a healthy nation where Malawians are empowered to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Objectives

Pakachere is a branded, mass-media communications initiative aimed at re-aligning social norms, behaviours and attitudes to encourage the adoption of healthy behaviour practices. Pakachere utilizes radio, television and print to attain its objectives.

Our Philosophy

Pakachere aims at promoting an 'edutainment' model while building local Malawian capacity to manage and develop effective multi-media communication campaigns.

Pakachere’s Values

  • Integrity

    Pakachere’s guiding principles is founded upon solid conduct of its employees at all times. Such conduct is characterized by honesty, excellence, and hard work.

  • Innovation and results oriented

    Pakachere constantly strive to be creative; using new ideas and techniques in our SBCC approach and effectively demonstrate efficiency in achieving rapid health impact.

  • Evidence based

    Pakachere strives to maximize its health impact by using evidence-based SBCC communication materials and approaches through the effective use of research.

  • Professionalism

    Pakachere is committed to upgrading the professional skills of its employees. In turn, Pakachere staff interacts professionally with partners and stakeholders at all levels


In the year 2016, Pakachere’s annual revenue was MK362 million


Major donors include: USAID, UNICEF, Global Fund, UNFPA, PSI, PAI,

Partnership and Donations

Pakachere IHDC is a registered non-profit organization, which relies on donor funding. We invite organizations, foundations and other well-wishers to partner and provide donations for specific causes that we can implement to better the lives of Malawians. This means your contributions are tax-deductible to the limits of applicable laws.

Donations and Partnership inquiries can be made to Pakachere IHDC, P.O. Box 30248, Blantyre 3, Malawi, +265 1831 661 or email info@pakachere.org

Project Impact